[Trudell] LeBron, asked about rest as the season goes on, said that if he’s healthy, he’s playing. He believes that’s his responsibility – which was the same for Jordan and Kobe – and that if a kid shows up in a certain city wanting to see him, he’ll be on the floor.日前,詹姆斯在被问到赛季中期的歇息时表明,假如自己是健康的,那就会出战。他觉得这是自己的职责——这点与乔丹、科比相同——假如某个客场有哪个小孩儿去现场便是想看自己,那他就会上场。————————[–]Thunder thisguy2164 1632 指標 23小時前No brainer attitude. As someone who can’t go to games that often I appreciate him for this.雷霆球迷:这情绪很直爽。虽然我不常去现场看球,不过仍是要感谢老詹这种情绪。[–]AppleMuffin12 30 指標 21小時前As someone who’s never attended a game, if I found the means to pay and travel for a game, I would be devastated to have the best player not play.我这人从没去过现场看球,一旦哪天有这个条件去现场了,要是最强的那个球员不打,那我怕是要很受伤。[–][SEA] Jerome James DG_Now 20 指標 19小時前I paid hundreds of dollars to travel to LA to see the Lakers play the Sixers. This was in 2017, so neither roster was all that great, but still — Joel Embiid! I saw him warm up and everything, just to see him sit on the bench all night.超音速球迷:我曾经花了大几百美金去洛杉矶看湖人打76人,那仍是17年的时分,所以这两队阵型都不咋地,不过呢,仍是有恩比德啊!我看到了他热身还有其他各种活动,还看他在板凳席上坐了一整晚。[–]Lakers ttam23 486 指標 23小時前“Fuck load managenent” – Lebron James湖人球迷:詹姆斯:“去特么的负荷办理”[–]East Delanorix 184 指標 22小時前It’s crazy to watch LeBron. He is one of the greatest athletes of all time, not even just basketball.现场看到詹姆斯仍是很爽的。他是史上最尖端的运动员之一,乃至超出了篮球领域。[–]Lakers Jayveesac 244 指標 22小時前Many are bashing Kawhi for load management and I agree that NBA players have a responsibility to show up to play in as many games as they can, given the egregious amounts they are paid to entertain customers, but both have differing circumstances.Kawhi is 28 and is at the athletic prime of his career, while LeBron is turning 35 in two weeks. One wants to manage his body to stretch his career for as long as he can, while the other just wants to continue to play every game at the highest level for as long as he can, to savor the opportunity.湖人球迷:很多人由于负荷办理而打击小卡,NBA球员有义务尽可能多地打竞赛,这点我认同,究竟他们拿着那么高的薪酬就得让观众感到愉悦。不过呢,詹姆斯和小卡的状况是不同的。小卡28岁,正处于个人巅峰期,而老詹还有不到两周时刻就35了。一个期望尽可能地保养好身体以延伸生计寿数,另一个则是想尽量参加最高舞台的每一场竞赛,享用这种时机。[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam beefJeRKy-LB 6 指標 21小時前There’s a difference between straight up rest and actual injury management though. LeBron hadnt had any major injuries before last year. Players like Kawhi, Embiid and Blake Griffin would be wreaking havoc on their bodies doing this though.猛龙球迷:没事就歇和实践的伤病调度是有差异的。詹姆斯上赛季之前就没遇上过啥严重伤病。而小卡、恩比德和格里芬这种球员要是每场都打的话,那会对身体形成很大的糟蹋。[–]Lakers hahafnny 22 指標 10小時前Kawhi isn’t healthy though. If he doesn’t manage his knee tendonitis he is likely to suffer a career ending injury.湖人球迷:小卡并不健康。假如他不谨慎处理自己的膝关节肌腱炎问题,那他很可能会遇到那种能够导致生计报销的重伤。[–]Pelicans 69umbo 73 指標 22小時前Kawhi also has a degenerative muscle disorder that will never get better, though. Would you rather see him play for another 10 years missing 20~ games a season, or play for another 3 years with no load management?鹈鹕球迷:并且小卡还有不行修正的肌肉钙化问题。你们是想看他每赛季少打20场,可是能多打个10年呢?仍是期望他不要负荷办理再打个三年?[–]Cavaliers t_mac1 135 指標 21小時前h’es not playing another 10 years, regardless of what he does.骑士球迷:不论他怎么做,他都无法再打10年了。————————[–]Shitty_Accountant50 562 指標 23小時前Kawhi in shambles小卡瑟瑟发抖啊[–]Clippers SlyHoooper 293 指標 23小時前Kawhi doesn’t care lol快船球迷:哈哈哈,他不在乎这些[–]NBA PhantomBear_626 122 指標 22小時前Honestly, I think Kawhi would feel the same way, but he just has a bad condition which sucks说真的,我觉得小卡和老詹的感触是相同的,仅仅他的身体状况欠好,这才是操蛋的[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam beefJeRKy-LB 54 指標 21小時前Kawhi is prioritizing his own health and I don’t get why people get so mad about it. I do wish Doc didn’t say that stuff though. If they just mentioned he’ll have his knees load managed anyway, it wouldn’t be a big deal.猛龙球迷:小卡把个人健康放在第一位,我就搞不懂了,为啥有些人会因此而不爽。多期望东契奇之前没说那种话啊。可要是他们说要保养好自己的膝盖,那也没啥[–]Heat MrPeligro 15 指標 20小時前Doc said it because he’s backing kawhi. He’s repeating what kawhi said.热火球迷:东契奇那么说,是由于他在力挺小卡。他是重复小卡的说法。————————[–]idawdle 70 指標 18小時前What about the kids from those other cities that want to see their team beat the Lakers? What about those kids?If LeBron liked those kids, he’d sit more often.New Headline: LeBron Hates Kids那要是那些小孩儿从其他城市赶过来就想看自己的主队打败湖人呢?那咋办?假如老詹喜爱这些小孩儿的话,他就该多歇息。新的头条呈现了:詹姆斯厌烦小孩子![–][BRK] Jason Kidd MikeyFromWaltham 48 指標 22小時前Weird that he’s only doing it now, when he’s been such a big and vocal proponent of resting in the past. I wonder what changed.篮网球迷:古怪了,老詹就现在才这么说,他曾经可一直是十分附和歇息的。我倒古怪是哪里不对了。[–]NoonKnight1 22 指標 21小時前He thinks he can get another MVP.He can.他觉得他能再拿一个MVP。他确实能[–]Possiblyfang 5 指標 16小時前But you started it…可负荷办理这事儿是从老詹您这儿开端的啊……记住最初[–]Big_Balmer_Brand 24 指標 21小時前Lebron’s old comments about rest:I don’t think the NBA can do anything about it. At the end of the day, it sucks at times where certain guys have to rest, but certain guys need rest.And it’s a long, strenuous season and the NBA does a great job of putting the schedule together as best as they can. You’re going to have back-to-backs. You’re going to have certain games where certain things fall on certain nights, but a coach’s job is to figure out a way for their team to compete for a championship, not compete for a game.Wish he’d stick up for his fellow player老詹曾经关于休战的言辞是这样的:我觉得NBA不能管这事儿。有些球员偶然不得不歇息,这让人不爽,不过他们需求歇息啊。NBA赛季绵长而又深重,联盟的路程组织现已尽量做得很棒了。背靠背是少不了的。某些晚上的某些竞赛总会发作某些作业,不过主帅的作业在于主意让球队为夺冠坚持竞争性,而不是一场竞赛。真期望他能和同行站一边。[–]Grizzlies pickle-doofenshmirtz 20 指標 22小時前Didn’t have that attitude in Memphis a couple years back, did you Bron?I’ll never forget灰熊球迷:几年前在孟菲斯的时分你可不是现在这情绪啊,对不老詹?我不会忘的。[–]Raptors liamowen30 179 指標 21小時前Well the one time I went to see LBJ play he sat with Bosh and Wade against the Raptors猛龙球迷:曾经热火有次打猛龙的时分,我去现场看詹姆斯,成果他和波什、韦德都歇了。[–]Trail Blazers DJ-McLillard 237 指標 20小時前I’ve bought tickets for 3 games that LeBron has come to Portland. He sat out two of them. RIP me.开拓者球迷:老詹来波特兰打竞赛,我买过三次票去现场。老詹有两次没打。我真是够够的。[–]jboggin 104 指標 13小時前That’s hilarious. Dude has played fewer than 74 games only twice in his career, but he’s averaging 27 games season based on your sample of 3.这就搞笑了吧。老詹生计至今赛季进场少于74次的只要两个赛季,不过到了你这儿,他的赛季出战场次倒成了27场了。[–][ATL] Kyle Korver Best_Jokur 44 指標 19小時前That’s easy to say when you’re winning. Does no one remember the 2017 Cavs? He was perfectly healthy and sat out multiple games for supposed load management. Granted, it was hard for him to carry that bum ass team to the eastern conference finals, but that does not excuse the fact that he did the opposite of what he’s preaching now. I swear, NBA fans are so fucking gullible, the minute a player says something, they take it to be scripture, and allow players to change the narrative as they see fit. Nothin against LeBron, if he wants to sit out games, then let him, but let’s not pretend like he’s anywhere near the level of Kobe/Jordan when it comes to playing every single game of the season. How quickly these nephews forget, back in 17′ y’all were still bitching about LeBron sat out too much.老鹰球迷:老詹这些话,球队赢球的时分说出来简略。莫非我们都不记住2017年的骑士了吗?其时他十分健康,有些竞赛仍是由于负荷办理歇着了。确实,其时他把那支快垮掉的骑士带进东决真是难为了,不过这不是他现在反着说的理由啊。我立誓,NBA球迷太特么好欺骗了,球员说了些啥,他们就奉若圭臬,还能改动之前的观点,由于那些话说到他们心坎儿上了。我不是针对詹姆斯,假如他想歇息,那就歇息呗,可我们不能搞得像他与科比、乔丹相同,每个赛季尽量场场都打,他还远未到达那个境地啊。17年那会儿你们还都在逼逼说老詹休战太多了,这会儿你们这些小学生就忘的一尘不染了?[–]ButtholePasta 15 指標 17小時前I agree. It’s weird seeing people praise LeBron here, shit on Kawhi, and then defend Lebron’s load management in past seasons when it’s brought up. He can do what he wants, but let’s not change history people.我附和。看到有些人捧詹踩卡很古怪啊。他想做啥都没问题,不过咱不能忘了他曾经做过什么啊。————————[–]Lakers harleq01 109 指標 22小時前this guys loves to say things to make himself look good. true pr god[–]Firefox23459 6 指標 15小時前The way Jordan said it in his 98 bio with Mark Vancil is more powerful imo.”Every night I had an opportunity to showcase my talents, I knew there was someone on the floor or in the crowd who wanted to know whether all the things they heard were true. Is Michael Jordan really that good? I looked at every game as an opportunity to show the world that, yes, it’s true.”我觉得乔丹98年对这事儿的表态更有重量。“我每晚都有时机去展现我的天分,我知道场上或者是观众席上有些人,他们想知道自己之前听到那些是否事实。乔丹真有那么凶猛吗?我把每场竞赛都看做是一个向国际证明自己的时机,是的,我就那么凶猛。”[–]NBA Bum_Simmons 312 指標 23小時前yea like jordan said youre paid to play all the games对啊,乔丹说过,你拿薪酬便是要打一切竞赛的[–]Jared LetoIsMyHero 163 指標 23小時前Steve Ballmer decides why Kawhi is paid.小卡拿薪酬该干啥是由鲍尔默说了算的。[–]USA RareSir 147 指標 23小時前The load management argument is dumb. If Kawhi needs it, it’s fine. If LeBron wants to make it a point to play, then good. No one needs to get shit on here. Just appreciate these players while they’re still here美国队球迷:关于负荷办理的争辩真是愚笨。假如小卡有这个需求,那没问题。假如老詹想打,那好啊。没必要喷谁。就趁着他们还能打,好好爱惜他们欠好嘛[–]Clippers SSeaborn 28 指標 23小時前You’re way too calm and level headed for this sub快船球迷:你太镇定太沉着了,和这个论坛方枘圆凿[–][LAL] Kyle Kuzma cantcooklovefood 32 指標 23小時前Agreed and it’s obvious everyone would like to play every game. Some people can’t.湖人球迷:附和。很显然,球员们都想每场都打,可是有些球员不能打啊[–][NYK] Tracy McGrady yoloqueuesf 8 指標 19小時前Yeah i’m definitely for players sitting and resting, which hopefully leads to them prolonging their careers. That being said though, it really does suck if you bought tickets way ahead of time only to find out that your favourite player is sitting out, injuries are another thing though.尼克斯球迷:对的,我是肯定附和球员轮休的,期望这样能延伸他们的生计。不过话虽如此,要是你早早买票之后发现你喜爱的球员歇着了,那是真的操蛋,可是伤病就得另当别论了。[–]Rockets Tally-H 13 指標 20小時前If there’s anything LeBron cares about, it’s his legacy and image, to a fault in my opinion. MJ and Kobe didn’t show up for the kids, they showed up to ball and win.At this point though, unless the guy you want to see is an ironman like Harden, ticket buyers should check for B2Bs when buying expensive tickets for teams like the Lakers and Clippers. Two years ago, you could legitimately gripe about ‘rest days’, but at this point League culture has gotten worse and you just have to accept it. You buy tickets for little Jimmy to see Kawhi on a B2B, that’s your mistake, you should know better by this point.火箭球迷:要说有啥是老詹在乎的话,那便是他的生计生就和个人形象,我觉得有些过头了。乔丹和科比可不是为了孩子上场,他们是为了篮球和成功。不过现在这个阶段吧,除非你想看的球员是哈登这种铁人,要是买湖人和快船这种高价票,那你得衡量衡量是不是背靠背竞赛。两年前,你还真能对球员们的轮休诉苦几句,不过现如今呢,联盟文明现已让步了,你只能承受。要是你买背靠背竞赛的球票去看小卡,那便是你的错了。[–]Cavaliers Exception1228 2 指標 12小時前1000% agree. If you buy tickets to a B2B you have no right to whine that your favorite player didn’t play at this point.Fool me twice mentality.骑士球迷:不能认同更多啊。假如你买的是背靠背球票,你喜爱的球员没打的话,那你就没资历诉苦。谁让你不长记忆呢!————————来历:Reddit编译:云长刮个痧a.topic-link {margin: 10px auto;display: block;width: 600px;}.topic-box {width: 600px;height: 75px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101388748.png’) repeat-x;margin: 0 auto;position: relative;}.topic-thumb {position: absolute;left: 5px;top: 3px;height: 69px;width: 92px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_170919/zt_3111505780239.jpg’) no-repeat;background-size: 100% 100%;}.topic-angular{position: absolute;right:0;top:0;width:46px;height:42px;background:url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101463680.png’) no-repeat;}.topic-box b {position: absolute;left: 105px;right: 15px;color: white;line-height: 75px;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;white-space: nowrap;}美帝键盘侠—歪果仁精彩谈论汇总


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