Firmware Updates

This page will guide you through the process of updating the firmware on your Axis1 hand unit, and receiver unit using the Mac OS based firmware update utility program.


1. Download and install the driver

The update cable supplied with your Axis1 has a built in USB converter, which needs a driver to run. Please download and install the driver before attempting to plug in the cable or launch the updater program.

Once the driver is installed, plug the cable into the computer. Note that at this time, just the cable needs to be plugged in - the device to be updated does not need to be connected yet. 

2. Download and install the firmware updater program

Once installed, launch the program. 

Note: If a drop down box appears labelled "Communications Port", then the software has detected more than one USB-Serial device connected. You will need to select the correct USB cable. On the list it should have an option with "usbserial" in the name - select this one. 

3. Download the firmware files


Update the hand unit.

Whilst either unit can be updated first, to keep the instructions simple, we will start with the hand unit. The firmware file for the hand unit has "HU" in the file name. 

1. Load the firmware file into the updater program

Click the "Browse" button in the updater, and navigate to the firmware file for the hand unit (HU).  Click 'open' to load the firmware. 

2. Start the hand unit up in bootloader mode

The hand unit must be started in bootloader mode so the computer can communicate with it. To do this, turn the hand unit on using the PWR button while holding down the channel button. The unit will start flashing its front LED red. Once you see the light flashing, you can release both buttons. 

3. Plug the hand unit into the computer

Plug the Lemo connector into the socket marked 'BUS' on the side of the hand unit. 

4. Perform the update

Click the update button, and the software will load the new firmware onto the unit. Once the update is complete, it will say in the message window 'Update succesful." If you accidentally try to put the hand unit firmware on the receiver, or vice versa, it will fail to update. If the hand unit is not powered up or is not in bootloader mode, it will fail to update. 

You can now unplug the Lemo and power off the unit. When it is re-powered, it will be as normal with the new firmware installed. 

5. Verify the correct firmware is installed 

Once you have done all this, you will want to check that the new firmware is installed. To do this, turn the hand unit off, and power it up holding down the RUN button. After a few seconds, let go of the run button, and the firmware version will be displayed on the screen. It will show this as two displays (as it is only a two character display) so it will show F1.... followed by the rest, so for version 1.03, it will show F1....03. Check that the number the unit displays matches the number in the firmware file. Power cycle the unit and you will be back to normal. 


Update the Receiver:

This set of instructions assumes that you have already followed the above instructions for a hand unit update, and therefore assumes you have already installed the driver and the updater program. If you have not already performed a firmware update of either unit, please follow the instructions above first. 

Updating the receiver is a very similar process to updating the hand unit, with one or two minor changes. The firmware file for the receiver is different, and it must be changed by clicking browse, and then finding the receiver firmware file. This is identified by 'DR' in its file name. 

The receiver will need power for the update, which must be supplied through the normal Lemo power input. The update cable is intentionally quite long so you can leave the receiver on your Steadicam rig, or gimbal or camera while updating to make this easier. 

1. Putting the receiver into bootloader mode

Just like the hand unit, the receiver unit needs to be put into bootloader mode first. To do this, provide power to it while holding down the channel button. The INF.ROT light will flash red, you can release the channel button now. 

2. Plug in the receiver unit

The Lemo conenctor plugs into the yellow socket on the receiver. 

3. Ensure that the correct firmware file is selected 

A separate firmware file must be used for the receiver. Please make sure this is loaded before updating. The firmware file for the receiver is identified by the 'DR' in its name. The firmware file can be downloaded with the link above under item 3 on the list. 

4. Perform the update

Click update, and just as with the hand unit, the system will load the new firmware on. It takes a little longer with the receiver to complete the upload. Once it is finished, it will give an 'Update successful' message, and you can now unplug and powercycle the receiver. 

5. Verify the correct firmware 

To verify the firmware on the receiver, provide power to it while holding down INF.ROT. release the button after a few seconds, and just like the hand unit, it will display the firmware version. As the display is only two characters, it will display this in two sections. F1....03 - this would mean firmware version 1.03. Make sure that the number matches the firmware number in the file name. 


The firmware will now be up to date.