Reflex Motor

Reflex Motor
Reflex Motor

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The new Reflex motor - small, light but just as strong

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Reflex is our new ultra-small and light weight lens motor. Weighing just 150 grams and measuring only 87.5mm tall, Reflex is one of the smallest and lightest lens control motors available, yet it has the same strength of all but the largest lens motors, and is compatible with many third party systems such as Preston and the Freefly Wedge. 


Reflex is all new, designed from the ground up. We have designed the motor in three modules, gearbox, motor and IMPS encoder. Each of these modules is entirely separate and can be removed easily for service or repair. 


Most lens motors use a standard encoder which is permanently attached to the drive motor. If this encoder breaks, which is a common cause of failure with other lens motors, the entire drive motor must be replaced at huge cost. We see this as a big reliability problem, so we designed our own encoder called IMPS (intelligent magnetic position sensor).


IMPS is mounted completely separately to the motor, inside its own module, and has been built to be tough and reliable. Things such as wiring errors which could break any other lens motor will not hurt the IMPS encoder. In the event the encoder needs servicing, it is a separate part and can be accessed and changed without disturbing the rest of the motor. 


Reflex also features a double sided gearbox, so you can mount your drive gears on either side of the motor. There is also an extra wide gear available. There are rod clamps for both 15 and 19mm, and both clamps feature our unique Pentalobe push down repositioning lever system, for maximum mounting versatility. 


There are two versions of the Reflex motor:


Reflex A: This motor is specifically matched to the Axis1 and will give best possible torque and speed performance. This motor takes advantage of the much more powerful current handling capabilities of the Axis1. 


Reflex U: This version of the motor is designed for maximum compatibility with other systems.  The Reflex U will give you flawless performance on Preston, Cmotion, Freefly Wedge and many other systems using the 7pin Lemo 1B connection.  This motor will also work on the Axis1 but the performance will not match the performance of the Reflex-A motor in terms of speed and response.