Methods of Payment


Please note the UK is NOT part of the EU as far as payment is concerned - our currency is the Pound Sterling (£ or GBP) not the EURO (€ or EUR)

Our base currency is the British Pound Sterling (GBP, £).  As a convenience you can select to display prices in Euro or US Dollar currencies as alternatives.  These currencies are for display purposes only and payment will actually be processed in GBP.  The Euro and Dollar prices are updated daily and reflect the current exchange rate, so these prices will vary slightly if you access the site on more than one occasion and on different days

Banks seem to make up their own exchange rates and we make no guarantee that the Euro and Dollar prices will be exactly as shown on this website - these prices are for guidance only.


We accept payment by any major debit or credit card through our payment gateway – SagePay.

For security reasons most banks will block international transactions over a certain value.   For this reason it is advisable to contact the card issuer’s bank first to obtain authorisation before attempting to process a card payment.

If the card continues to be declined please contact us by phone (+44 207 099 5619) and we should be able to sort things out directly.



A more satisfactory method of payment is by bank transfer.  Select ‘Pay by bank transfer’ when completing the order and we will email you a proforma invoice which includes all the bank details necessary for a bank transfer.

We only accept payment in Pounds Sterling.  This does not present any problem and your bank will handle all currency conversions.

Check here for VAT and tax information